Allergies are often cited as an explanation for any complaints. We see it as our task to find out together with you whether your condition is really due to an allergy. Far more important than all of the  tests which are listed below is your precise answer required : When did a reaction occurr after contact with substances or after the use of medications . Especially helpful is a diary in which your food, drugs and beverages and when the reactions occurred . This  is tedious for you but extremely helpful !


We carry out the complete allergy diagnosis : epicutaneous , prick , scratch tests , RAST laboratory , oral provocation tests.

Treatment of Allergies

Therapeutically, we treat allergies with medication , by subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy or adjuvant with natural drugs.


You will receive a detailed personal physician's letter, in which not only your findings are listed. In addition, individually explained, where a potential danger exists that you could get in touch with your allergens and what you can do prophylactically.